Serving Philadelphia Communities in 2023

The 2023 CSA season has ended.

Dear Members,

We are at the close of our inaugural season of the Honeysuckle + ACRe CSA. Now more than ever we appreciate the sense of community amongst us. We were thankful to share not only the food but also a piece of ourselves over the course of these 20 weeks. We hope that you enjoyed cooking with the vegetables and discovering new flavors.

Our farmers have been overwhelmed by the support from us week to week and I can honestly say that we are making a difference in their lives. We’ve not only been able to support them in the CSA but this work has allowed for them to branch out into other markets and production.

More stability equals time for creative thinking and innovation. We are proud to be a part of all of this. Please share with us any recipes that you may have discovered or made through this program. We’d be excited to hear any and all feedback from you all about the program.


Omar and Cybille
Co-founders, Honeysuckle Provisions


Last CSA pickup of the season was Thurs October 26, 2023

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Throughout the season expect a beautiful bounty of vegetables from our farm partners including The Bartees in Alliance, NJ, The Smith family in Williamstown, NJ, FarmerJawn in West Chester, PA, Plowshare Farms in Pipersville, and of course from us at Black Sheep Farm by Honeysuckle Projects.


We are pleased to welcome the communities of Germantown Jewish Centre, Kol Tzedek and South Philadelphia Shtiebel!

To inquire about CSA membership for the remainder of the 2023 season or 2024 please contact us at csa@acreboot.org

Pickup is at:
Honeysuckle Provisions
310 S 48th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19143


Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a partnership between individuals and families and the local farmers who grow their food. Members pay for shares in advance, helping to provide much-needed revenue early in the season. In exchange, they get a share of the harvest.

Bartee and Levin families gather in the historic Alliance field on Gershal Ave.
The Bartee family and the Levins on the historic Alliance farmland. Photo by Tim Tai, Staff Photographer for Philadelphia Inquirer
Cybille St. Aude-Tate and Omar Tate in their Honeysuckle storefront in Philly.
Cybille St. Aude-Tate and Omar Tate


Founded by Malya and William Levin, Alliance Community Reboot (ACRe) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization rebuilding Jewish agriculture based community in Alliance, South New Jersey, the site of the first Jewish farm in America established by a group of Russian Jewish immigrant families in 1882.

In 2021, ACRe partnered with their neighbors the Bartee family to form the first Black-Jewish CSA serving the South Jersey community.

In 2022 Chefs Omar Tate and Cybille St. Aude-Tate launched Honeysuckle Provisions, an Afrocentric café and grocery store sourced from Black farmers.


ACRe is teaming up with Honeysuckle Provisions to offer weekly boxes of fresh produce and whole foods to their CSA members in the Philadelphia area, including vegetables grown by the Bartee family on the historic Alliance fields.

Honeysuckle Provisions logo
Joe Bartee and Omar Tate pose for a photo in the historic Alliance field on Gershal Ave for Bacardi Rum instagram.
Farmer Joe Bartee and Chef Omar Tate


CSA shares will be offered for 20 weeks beginning June through October 2023. We encourage volunteer community members to arrange to pick up all the shares for their community at Honeysuckle Provisions in Philadelphia by regular weekly appointment.

Members will be invited to online and in-person events at Honeysuckle and the ACRe Farm for programming with the organization founders.


Honeysuckle supported Black farmers

Bartee family on ACRe farm 


Participating communities may purchase produce-only boxes for $45 per member per week ($900/share); and vegetarian boxes (not hechshered) containing locally sourced whole foods—cheese, milk, bread, pre-seasoned vegetables—for $75 per member per week ($1,500/share). Members can also order menu items à la carte. Communities may choose to have their boxes delivered to their community center for an additional charge.

We would like to sign up at least 10 members per community to make this work.

A portion of CSA proceeds will support Alliance Community Reboot.

Photo of mixed vegetables offered in the CSA.


What are the differences between the two plans?

We have Produce-only boxes for $45 per member per week ($900/share); and Chef Driven boxes containing locally sourced whole foods—cheese, milk, bread, pre-seasoned vegetables & signature pantry items—for $75 per member per week ($1,500/share).

Can I add eggs?

Yes! You can add a dozen eggs onto the Produce plan for an extra charge of $7/ week. The Chef Driven plan already includes eggs. You will also have the option to add on eggs ala carte throughout the duration of the program

What are the pick up/delivery days?

Your designated delivery or pick up day will be either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Closer to the start of the program we will notify everyone of their days. If your group has a preference, please let us know in advance so we can take that into consideration.

Are the boxes reusable?

Yes! They are reusable and should be returned to us every week.

When will the CSA begin?

The CSA will begin June 7 and will run through October.

Will there be opportunities to add on speciality or grocery items?

Yes! There will be a rotating list of grocery items available for purchase throughout the duration of the program. We ask that items are selected and paid for a week in advance.

What happens if there’s a crop/ingredient that I’m not familiar with?

We’ll be sending information cards & facts sheets about the farmers and specialty crops along with recipe cards & links to cooking demos taught by the Honeysuckle team!

When’s the deadline for payment?

We’re asking that groups have checks available for us to pick up on April 4th and April 20th. Your community may still be able to join us! Please contact csa@honeysuckleprovisions.com or call (215) 307-3316.

What if I have an allergy or dietary restriction?

Since item availability is based on the crop plan of the farmers, we’ll be able to make adjustments and substitutions for allergens and restrictions on an individual basis. Please have members include that information in the sign up sheet.


For general questions and referrals, send us an email at csa@acreboot.org.

To sign up your community for the CSA, please contact csa@honeysuckleprovisions.com or call (215) 307-3316.

To become an individual CSA member please use the Honeysuckle + ACRe CSA order form.

Pickup will be at:
Honeysuckle Provisions
310 S 48th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19143

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The Honeysuckle + ACRe CSA project is made possible with support from EJF Philanthropies.